In accordance with the regulations in force, the CRYOTHEQUE Company (hereinafter referred to as “the Company) wishes to use this Transparency Charter to inform users (hereinafter “the User(s)) and its professional partners offering whole body cryotherapy services (hereafter ” the Centers “) referenced on its website (hereinafter “the Site) of the criteria for referencing and ranking the Centers on the Site.

In the event of additional questions, the Company remains available to guide Users and Centers and to provide them with any additional information useful for using the Site.


1.1. What are the conditions of referencing and dereferencing on the Site?

Only the Centers contractually linked to the Company for the use of the CRYOAPP application are referenced on the Site. To be listed on the Site, the Center must:

To propose cryotherapy services for the whole body;

Use the CRYOAPP application published by the Company;

Be duly authorized to practice medicine or physical therapy for whole body cryotherapy services;

To require the presentation of a medical certificate of non-contra-indication in case of doubt as to the state of health of the User, when the Center is not authorized to perform medical acts;

To have a civil liability insurance up to date during all the duration of its referencing;

Be up to date with its regulations with respect to the Company;

Provide valid contact information.

Any Center that ceases to meet these quality criteria will lose the benefit of being listed on the Site.

Likewise, the Company reserves the right to derefer any Center that has failed to meet its contractual obligations to the Company.

1.2. What are the main ranking parameters on the Site? The main parameters determining the ranking of the Centers on the Site are :

The geographical location of the Center, and in particular the distance between the location sought and the geographical location of the Center.

1.3. What is the default ranking criteria on the Site?

By default, the Centers are classified according to a location criterion.

This criterion can be modified by the User, who can select the filters and classification criteria of his choice by type of services offered or by inserting a search keyword.

The importance of this criterion is justified by the need to offer the User the most easily accessible Center(s).

1.4. Are there any capital or financial links between the Company and the Centers?

The Company and some of the referenced Centers share capital ties. However, these capital links have no influence on the referencing or ranking of the Centers on the Site.

In addition, the Company offers its referencing service on the Site for a fee. Thus, it receives a remuneration for the said referencing as well as for the access to the CRYOAPP application from the Centers through the payment of a monthly fee.


2.1. What is the quality of the Centers listed on the Site?

Only professional Centers can be listed on the Site.

2.2. What are the conditions of the service offered by the Company?

The Site allows Users, consumers, to access the contact details of the Centers using the CRYOAPP Application published by the Company.

The said connection allows the User to contact a Center in order to book services. However, the reservation of these services cannot be made directly on the Site.

The Company provides this service free of charge to the User. No additional services are charged to the consumer.

2.3. What are the conditions of the contract concluded by the User following this introduction?

The Center’s general terms and conditions of service apply to contracts entered into directly between the Center and the User.

In the event of a dispute between a User and a Center regarding the provision of services, the User shall inform the Company of any grievance he or she may have against a Center so that the Company may take appropriate measures regarding the referencing of the Center on the Site.